Jun 05, 2016

Sep 10, 2016 · All your Google searches have actually been recorded Credit: Alamy. But the good news for secretive searchers is that only you can access your record and it is fairly simple to stop Google from The guys who answered this Question before me gave a great insight, i applaud them for the great amount of information offered. Thus i want to add few things : 1. Google says it only turns on and begins recording when you utter the words “OK Google”. But a Sun investigation has found that the virtual assistant is a little hard of hearing, reports The Sun. These two actions were recorded and stored in my Google account history, like this: Above the list of searches, there are a couple of graphs. These show your search activity by the hour, and by the day. As you can see, I do more Google searches on weekdays rather than weekends, and I don’t do many searches between midnight and 4 am: Jul 05, 2017 · All Google sees is a large amount of searches coming from Startpage’s servers – they can’t tie any searches to you or track your searches. Startpage discards all personally identifiable information. Like DuckDuckGo, Startpage doesn’t use cookies, it immediately discards IP addresses, and it doesn’t keep a record of searches performed. You might see search results and suggestions based on your location or other searches you've done during your current browsing session. Important: If you sign in to your Google Account to use a web service like Gmail, your searches and browsing activity might be saved to your account.

Your ISP keeps logs of everything you do on the Internet, not just your search history. Your Internet activity will only be disclosed to appropriate parties (like law enforcement agencies, etc

Jul 14, 2013 Google Keeps a Record of Your ENTIRE Search History. Here Apr 12, 2018

Record voice notes. For recording thoughts on the go, you can record voice memos within Google …

Jun 01, 2016 · Google could have a record of everything you have said around it for years, and you can listen to it yourself. The company quietly records many of the conversations that people have around its Aug 15, 2008 · Does Google really keep records of everyone's searches, and what IP address they are from? I heard they hold onto that data for 18 years. Also, that the police has made arrests based on questionable data Google has collected Nov 28, 2017 · If you’ve used a Google app, then that information shows up as well. Here’s an example: on October 1, my Google activity lists 140 items: A number of them were searches in Google Maps, some were general web searches, some were image searches, and some were news searches. If you go to the Other Google Activity page, you can see more. There Mar 05, 2018 · I promptly cleared my Google history and logged out of my account on my phone. So, I looked into private search engines as a way to still find what I was looking for, without the tracking.