Contains major spoilers for Call The Midwife season 9. After Call The Midwife season eight ended in March 2019, it was announced the BBC had commissioned three more series of the popular show

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Every season, the Drama After Dark team gathers ‘round the conference room table to watch the latest and greatest in British dramas. We're thrilled to be bringing you coverage of perennial PBS favorite, Call The Midwife.This show has everything: hard-working nurses, sassy nuns, and gut-wrenching emotional trauma that somehow keeps you wanting more.

Call the Midwife - Wikipedia On 28 February 2014, BBC confirmed that Call the Midwife had been commissioned for a 2014 Christmas special and fourth series, to air in 2015. On 3 November 2014, BBC announced that an eight-episode fifth series had been commissioned; it began airing on 17 January 2016; … Is This the Last Season of 'Call the Midwife'? Production

Apr 23, 2017

May 17, 2020 The Dark, True History Behind 'Call the Midwife' | Rewire Dr. Turner prescribes thalidomide to a pregnant woman in season 4 of "Call the Midwife." Still courtesy of Neal Street Productions. But it also doesn't shy away from tackling the darker side of the era, including a notorious medical misstep that harmed as many as 24,000 children worldwide. 'Call the Midwife' Series 4 : Episode 5 Recap | Telly Visions Apr 26, 2015 Call the Midwife season 10: A Christmas special tease and more