The Armv8-M architecture extends TrustZone to Cortex-M, enabling robust levels of protection. TrustZone for Armv8-M has the same high-level features as TrustZone on application processors, with the key benefit that switching between Secure and Non-secure worlds is done in hardware for faster transitions and improved power efficiency. Learn more

Architecting a more Secure world with isolation and Aug 06, 2018 SANCTUARY ARMing TrustZone with User-space Enclaves Normal World Secure World e CPU RAM Mem Bus & Ctrl Normal World Secure World Figure 1: TrustZone software and hardware components. Soft-ware can be executed in normal world or in secure world. Isolation between these two worlds is enforced by the memory controller (TZASC) that checks for each memory access which world it originates from.

The NuMicro ® M2351 series is empowered by the Arm ® TrustZone® for Armv8-M architecture. Arm ® TrustZone ® technology is a System on Chip (SoC) and CPU system-wide approach to security. In addition to firmware-level security, the M2351 series offers a more enhanced software-level security for robust security and greater power efficiency.

The TrustZone architecture provides a means for system designers to help secure systems, using the TrustZone Security Extensions, and Secure peripherals. Low-level programmers should understand the design requirements that are placed on the system by the TrustZone architecture, even if they do not use the security features. A Secure design

Security in ARMv8-A systems | The TrustZone hardware

TRUSTNONE Nov 28, 2015 Demystifying Arm TrustZone: A Comprehensive Survey: ACM Hypervision across worlds: Real-time kernel protection from the ARM TrustZone secure world. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security. ACM, 90--102. Google Scholar; A. Azab, P. Ning, and X. Zhang. 2011. SICE: A hardware-level strongly isolated computing environment for x86 multi-core platforms. What Is Arm TrustZone Technology? - Hardware Based A “Secure World” for running Trusted Code (originally named after the state of the security bit on the Arm bus) The Secure world hosts the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). “Building a Secure System using TrustZone Technology Ethereum Wallet in a Trusted Execution Environment